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July 28, 2022 3 min read

Nowadays, as people get busier and busier at work, in order to save more time for exercise, more and more people tend to make use of the available space at home to create a comfortable small gym. If you are one of these people and are looking for ways to exercise at home or are preparing to start a home exercise program, you may want to know which fitness equipment is most worth buying and using for your home gym. In my opinion, a dip stand is really worth your investment, and it is one of the best exercise equipment you can have at home. It has a small footprint and at the same time can also bring you amazing exercise effect.

It can be said that the power tower dip station is one of the most popular exercise equipment, whether in commercial gyms or home gyms. It allows users to build enough muscle strength by using their own weight, and provides excellent muscle exercise for users. Using a power tower can greatly help you to strengthen your muscle mass and endurance, thus helping you build a toned figure. Although it is a simple piece of fitness equipment, you can do many exercises on it to better strengthen your muscles. In the following article, I will introduce you to four basic and common exercises you can do on it for your reference.

1. Push-ups
Generally speaking, there are push-up handles at the bottom of your power tower, enabling you to do push-ups. Doing push-ups on it means that your hands are elevated off the ground which will result in a larger range of motion in your shoulders compared with traditional push-ups. By doing push-ups on power tower dip station, you can not only exercise your chest and triceps well, but also exercise your upper back effectively.

How to do it? First, place your hands on the push-up handles at the bottom of power tower dip station. Secondly, get into push-up position keeping your core tight and your body straight. Then, slowly lower your body until your chest reaches the push-up handles level. Finally, push up through your hands until you reach starting position with your arms fully extended.

Do Push-ups on a Power Tower

2. Pull-ups / Chin-ups
There is a long bar in the upper part of your power tower dip station, which allows you to do pull-ups. Pull-ups are ideal for those who want to strengthen the pulling strength of their back and shoulders. This exercise is an excellent exercise to support the back, biceps and shoulders. It can not only strengthen your upper body strength, but also be very effective in enlarging your back and shoulders.

How to do it? First, grab bar of the dip stand with both hands, hands a little wider than shoulder width apart. Then, pull yourself up until your chest reaches the bar, while keeping your core involved. Finally, slowly return to starting position.

Do Pull-ups on a Dip Stand

3. Dips
Dips are one of the most useful compound actions that can be done on the power tower dip station. Generally speaking, there is a pair of handles in the middle of the power tower dip station, which allows you to do dips. This exercise can exercise your shoulders and triceps well, and if you lean forward, it will exercise your chest muscles more effectively.

How to do it? First, hold the handles at both ends of the middle of the pull up station with your hands. Then, the legs are slightly bent and overlapped, and start the dip by lowering your body. Finally, push through the palms to return to starting position.

Do Dips on a Pull up Station

4. Leg / Knee raise
Another excellent exercise that you can do conveniently on the pull up station is to raise your legs or knees. This is a wonderful exercise to strengthen the core and exercise abdominal muscles, and it is very suitable for beginners.

How to do it? First, hold the handles, rest your forearms on the pads, and rest your back on the backrest. Then, bring your feet together and raise your knees to your chest/legs until they are parallel to the floor. Finally, slowly lower them to the starting position.

Do Leg Raise on a Pull up Station

As you can see, I introduced four common exercises that you can do on a power tower in this article, hoping to help you exercise your muscles better.

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