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July 05, 2023 3 min read

The first time you walk into a gym, you may be confronted with a vast array of equipment that you had no idea how to use. Armed with a sports drink and hand towel, you courageously ventured into unknown territory. While treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and other fitness equipment are very popular among fitness enthusiasts in the gym, the power tower dip station is actually an excellent piece of exercise equipment as well. It may seem at first glance to be inconspicuous and very simple equipment, but rest assured that you can perform a wide variety of exercises on this machine. Nowadays, it is also known by more and more people and taken to the home gym for use, because a dip stand is really worth investing. With its many handles and pads, you can perform a vast array of upper, lower and full body exercises. This versatility makes it simple to use and create any power tower dip station workout routine! But if you're a beginner, you may be wondering what the power tower dip station workout routines are for beginners. I will explain them in detail for you in the following article.

What is a power tower dip station?
A power tower dip station, or knee raise station, is a kind of fitness equipment for body weight that you can mainly use to exercise the muscle strength of your upper body and abdomen. It is a very simple device, which consists of a heavy steel frame with multiple gripping positions and combines horizontal bar, parallel bars and additional handles for push-ups. Generally speaking, a power tower is designed with adjustable height, safety, comfort and ergonomics. More importantly, it is multifunctional and allows you to do exercises such as vertical knee raises, push-ups, dips as well as pull-ups on it. This device provides a good solution to try complex and simple exercises in the comfort of your home.

Power Tower

What are the beginner power tower dip station workout routines?
The beginner power tower dip station workout routines will last approximately 20 minutes with 4 exercises in total. The aim is to complete 3 sets of 10 reps for each exercise—ensuring to take a 1 minute rest between sets. The following are four common beginner power tower dip station workout routines.

1. Power tower dip station leg raises or knee raises

  • Get lower back in firm contact with the back support—Dig elbows and forearms into the pads—Step off and keep the core tight to support body weight and keep stable.
  • Drive straight legs out aiming for a minimum of hip height or drive knees up towards the chest.
  • Slowly lower the legs back down until the body is straight—Keep the upper body firm and fixed throughout the movement—To make this more challenging, hang from the pull up station rather than being in a fixed position.

Allowing your body to sink down, during this exercise, is very common. It’s not a huge problem, however, you find that this is happening to a great degree, stop, correct your position and continue.

2. Power tower dip station pull-ups

  • Choose your grip or experiment up with different grips: Wide Overhand/Narrow Underhand/Reverse Grip.
  • Hold on to upper handles of the dip stand and step off keeping the body straight—Pull body up until the upper chest is in line with the handles—Lower back down to the starting position in a controlled manner.
  • Slow down the speed of movement to make it more challenging or use a resistance band to assist you on the way back to simplify.
Do Pull-ups on the Dip Stand
    3. Power tower dip station dips
    • Extend at the elbow and hold yourself up straight with knees bent at 90°.
    • Hinge at the elbow dropping down until the elbow joint is at 90° (avoid dropping lower than this).
    • Drive back up to the starting position.
    • Keep core tight and chest lifted throughout.

    A brilliant exercise that engages so much musculature in the upper body. A wider grip will demand more from the chest muscles (pecs) whereas a narrow grip will be more arms dominant (triceps).

    4. Power tower dip station split squat

    • Place back foot on the power tower.
    • Aim to keep the ankle, knee and hip all in line—Bend the front knee which will bring the back knee down towards the floor—Driving up ensuring the knee does not move inwardly—Keep the chest up and core tight throughout.

    Here we use the power tower dip station in a slightly unconventional way—however, this is such a brilliant for single leg strength development!

    The power tower dip station is a truly brilliant piece of functional kit which is often underutilized and is an absolute must for any home gym. I trust you've learned what power tower workout routines are for beginners after reading this article, and I hope these help you!

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