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November 25, 2021 4 min read

Rowing workout machines and exercise bikes are effective equipment for aerobic exercise. Exercise bikes mainly act on the lower body and a small part of the upper body, and have been popular in gyms and home fitness equipment for many years. As a good choice for full-body exercise, rowing exercise machines are becoming more and more popular and chosen by people. And this change has given people a variety of choices. If you only have the budget or space for one machine, this also makes people more and more confused-which one to choose. Therefore, we have compiled all the information you need to know to help you make better choices to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

Rowing Machines
The rowing workout machine is designed to simulate the feeling of being on a rowing boat. It has a fuselage and a flywheel connected to the handle. You just need to push your body backward with your legs, a movement assisted by pulleys, and then use your arms to pull it back. This action can exercise biceps and back muscles, legs, abdominal muscles and shoulders, thereby effectively mobilizing your entire body.

Rowing Machine Workout

Benefits of Rowing
Boating has many advantages. There is no doubt that there is a wide range of muscles to exercise, 60% from the legs, 30% from moving back and forth, and the remaining 10% from the arms. So that most of your body's muscles can be fully exercised. At the same time, oxygenated blood can be supplied to every part of the body when rowing, which has a good effect on protecting our heart. It can provide you with the best results even in a short period of time, burning about 400 to 800 kcal per hour. The most important thing is to effectively protect our joints and reduce our chances of injury during exercise.

However, the fitness rowing machine also has some points worthy of our attention. If you have not received technical training on how to operate the rowing workout machine correctly, it will be difficult to achieve your fitness goal effectively. So in order for rowing training to be effective, you must take the time to learn and use the right form so that you can aim at the right muscles to avoid injuries and ineffective exercises.

Stationary Bike
The stationary fitness bike simulates the action of cycling. Achieve lower body movement by pedaling back and forth. Stationary fitness bikes are not limited to pedals. Most types allow you to increase resistance and get the same exercise effect as when you go uphill. Some types will also be equipped with upper arm handles to give your arm a certain amount of resistance practice at the same time.

Benefits of Cycling
Cycling is an exercise that does not require special skills. Almost everyone knows how to ride a bike, especially a stationary cycle. So you just need to know how to use the machine. The stationary fitness bike pays more attention to exercising your lower body, especially your buttocks, knees, calves and ankles. Exercising in astationary fitness bike can make us sweat and burn calories, and more intense exercise can help you burn more body fat.

It is worth noting that although stationary fitness bike can help you lose weight, it takes much longer to burn a lot of calories than comparable machines.

Contrast result
We already have a detailed understanding of the respective advantages and characteristics of stationary exercise bicycles and rowing workout machines. Below we will help you compare them from four aspects, so as to choose which one is the most suitable one.

Targeted muscles: Rowing machines are more comprehensive than stationary fitness bikes in targeting muscles. The stationary fitness bikes focuses on the lower body muscles of the legs, while the machines used to simulate water rowing train the muscles of the abdomen, legs, arms and shoulders in place.

Calorie burning: Cycling and rowing burn about the same amount of calories per minute, but there are some obvious differences to pay attention to. It is easier to ride a bike for longer, thus burning more calories. But rowing workout machine are usually used for intense exercise, and the body continues to burn calories long after training, so HIIT rowing actually burns more calories than riding.

Joint Protection: Rowing and cycling are also good choices for people who need less impact. However, home rowing machines can increase your risk of lower back problems. Although it does not burden the joints, it may irritate the sensitive knee when you push the front plate away. If you are undergoing rehabilitation and want to reduce the pressure on your joints, cycling is definitely the best choice.

Noise: There is not much difference in noise between the two machines. However, the air rowing machine is the noisiest type of rowing workout machines, because you will hear the sound of flywheel rotation when you pull the cable. Stationary fitness bikes will not make much noise.

It is not difficult to see that these two pieces of fitness equipment are very good. So you can make a comprehensive consideration according to your personal preferences. Add good stuff for your home gym.

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