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May 27, 2022 4 min read

In modern city life, more and more people begin to pay attention to the management of their appearance and figure to make a good impression on others, and you may be no exception. But in order to maintain a healthy body and a slim figure all the time, regular exercise is essential. Simply exercising may only bring you limited exercise effect, but if you use a piece of good fitness equipment to exercise, it can bring you amazing exercise effect. If you are looking for a piece of aerobic exercise equipment that can do cardiovascular exercise without putting too much pressure on your joints, then I think the indoor exercise bike is your ideal choice and you will certainly benefit from it.

It can be said that whether your ultimate fitness goal is to keep healthy, lose weight or strengthen muscles, you can achieve it by exercising on fitness bicycle. It's quick and easy to exercise with it, and it won't put extra pressure on your joints, because you sit down all the way through the exercise on it. Nowadays, although some people use the fitness bicycle to exercise, they still don't get the ideal exercise effect, so they begin to question whether it is good to work out on an exercise bike. But in fact, it is undoubtedly good to exercise on fitness bicycle, and it's just that they may not be using it correctly and effectively. If you are one of them, please read on. In the following article, I will tell you how to use fitness bicycle correctly and effectively from four aspects, hoping to help you.

1. Choose the right bike
The first step to use your fitness bicycle correctly and effectively is to purchase the fitness bicycle that suits you. Below, I will introduce you to several main factors that you need to consider when choosing it. The first is the weight capacity. Weight capacity is one of the most critical characteristics of a fitness bicycle. If a fitness bicycle can't support your weight, it may be unsafe to use. Therefore, when you buy a fitness bicycle, you must choose the fitness bicycle with strong weight capacity. Secondly is the frame. The frame is the most critical component of a fitness bicycle, which acts as a bone support. If the frame of a fitness bicycle is not sturdy enough, it may easily bend or break when you do regular exercises on it, resulting in your injury. Therefore, when you buy a fitness bicycle, be sure to choose the fitness bicycle whose frame is made of a sturdy material. The third is handlebars and seat. Choosing fitness bicycle with adjustable handlebars and seat can make your exercise more comfortable. The fourth is resistance. Choosing fitness bicycle with multiple resistances can make your exercise more challenging. Finally is the additional function. Choosing a fitness bicycle with an LCD display that shows calories, time, speed and other data is undoubtedly your best choice. Once you have the right indoor bike, you can make full use of it to exercise.

2. Set your bike up correctly
Everyone is different in size and height, and fitness bicycle may not be pre-assembled to perfectly match the length of your legs, arms and torso. Therefore, knowing how to set up your indoor exercise bike correctly is very important for you to use it correctly and effectively, because only after you set up your fitness bicycle correctly according to your own needs will you feel comfortable and more motivated to exercise on it. You need to set up these parts of your fitness bicycle correctly.

Seat height

Ideally, when your front legs are fully extended, your knees should be slightly bent, about 5 to 10 degrees. In this way, you can tread comfortably without fully stretching your toes. But if your hips sway from side to side, it means the seat is too high, and you need to adjust it in time.

If the handlebars are too high, too low, too close or too far away, you may feel pain in your neck, shoulders, back and hands. Therefore, you need to adjust the position of handlebars of your fitness bicycle until you feel comfortable. Just stretch your arms comfortably onto the handlebars and bend your elbows comfortably while riding.

Pedal straps
Most fitness bicycle pedals have adjustable straps to ensure your safety while riding. To use your fitness bicycle correctly and effectively, you should firmly fix your feet on the pedals. But it doesn't mean that the tighter the straps, the better. You must make sure that there is a little gap between the top of the straps and your shoes to make your feet feel comfortable.

Set the Indoor Exercise Bike up Correctly

3. Maintain correct exercise posture
If you want to use your fitness bicycle correctly and effectively, you must keep a correct posture when exercising on it. Upright posture is always a safe posture for exercise bike workout. Be careful not to bend your back. Bending your back may increase your risk of bad posture and back pain. Instead, you should keep your chest up, shoulders back and down. In addition, the position of your feet on the pedals is also important. If your feet are improperly placed on the pedals, it may increase the risk of foot numbness or knee pain. Put the front of your feet on the pedals, and remember not to pedal with your toes only.

Maintain the Correct Posture on the Exercise Bike

4. Choose the right exercise way according to your own level
Choosing the right exercise way according to your own level can make you use your indoor bike correctly and effectively. If you are new to cycling and your cardiovascular health is poor, you should start with low-intensity exercise. If you have been exercising on fitness bicycle for some time, you can try harder and more challenging exercises.

I believe that you will know how to use your exercise bike correctly and effectively after reading this article. I hope these ways can help you to do better riding exercises.

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