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February 14, 2023 3 min read

Some of us like aerobic exercise, and maybe you are no exception. Aerobic exercise is far more than just running and sprinting on a treadmill, or lacing up those sneakers for some pavement pounding outside. You can also try an exercise bike, rollerblading, cross-country skiing and so on. But when it comes to excellent aerobic exercise equipment, the elliptical exercise machine is very popular. It is an incredible way for people of all fitness levels to get aerobic exercise. The elliptical trainer has many benefits, which can provide a great full body, low impact workout that burns lots of calories in a short amount of time. However, before you start exercising with it, taking a little time to find and understand all the different settings on it can maximize your elliptical exercise machine workout. Whether you've only worked out on one brand or model of elliptical exercise machine or had the opportunity to use a number of different ones, they're all basically the same. Most elliptical exercise machines have four main settings that you can adjust to get the most out of your workout based on your own health or fitness goals. Let’s check them out!

the Elliptical Trainer is an Incredible Way for People of All Fitness Levels to Get Aerobic Exercise

Speed Setting
The steps per minute is a speed setting, but on an elliptical cross trainer speed affects more than just your heart rate or how quickly you get through your workout. It allows you to set a tempo or cadence, which can be beneficial for runners who are using the elliptical exercise machine to cross-train. If you set the steps per minute high to do a speed workout on the elliptical exercise machine, you should monitor your heart rate during the workout. Also, you still need to determine whether your workout will be for time or distance, regardless of whether you choose a preprogrammed course on the elliptical exercise machine or decide to stick with the manual setting. If you've got a limited amount of time for your workout, you'll choose a course and set the elliptical exercise machine for the number of minutes you want. If time isn't the issue but you want to train to go a certain distance, you can set the elliptical exercise machine for the number of miles or kilometers you're aiming for before you start working out.

Heart Rate Setting
This is a good setting for people who have a target heart rate to hit. After entering your weight and age, enter your target heart rate. As your workout progresses, the elliptical trainer will then automatically adjust the resistance to keep you near your goal. If your heart rate is too high, the resistance lowers; if your heart rate is too low, the resistance will increase (much like on most treadmills). This is a great setting for people who like to let their mind relax when they’re exercising, since your elliptical exercise machine does the focusing for you.

Resistance Setting
The elliptical exercise machine has resistance control setting that allows you to increase or decrease resistance during exercise. If you want to make exercise more challenging and burn more calories, you can do this by increasing the resistance of the elliptical machine. The higher you set the resistance, the harder your leg muscles work, which helps build your muscle power and strength. On the other hand, increasing the resistance of the elliptical exercise machine will make you sweat more during exercise, thus burning more calories. What's more, increasing the resistance of the elliptical exercise machine can also improve your exercise, heart rate and oxygen intake, and at the same time strengthen your cardiovascular strength. Although an elliptical exercise machine usually has 8 levels of adjustable resistance, it doesn't mean that the higher the resistance, the better. You should do your best.

the Elliptical Machine Has Resistance Control Setting

Program Setting
Simulating a run through various courses is the purpose of the assorted program settings on the elliptical exercise machine. Different brands and types have different programs and levels of difficulty. You will find a variety of simulations, including running on a cross-country track, through a valley or uphill and downhill. One of the most common program settings of elliptical cross trainer is the ramp control. It's essentially the incline or decline control, allowing you to simulate running up or downhill. When you adjust the ramp up or down you're altering the pattern your foot moves in, also changing which muscles you're working. For example, higher ramp settings will focus on your quadriceps, glutes and ankles. By increasing the inclination of the elliptical exercise machine, you can activate your hips and hamstrings more deeply and burn more calories effectively.

These four different settings can help you make full use of the elliptical trainer according to your goals. After you set up your elliptical exercise machine correctly, you can exercise on it to get the best exercise results. Of course, don't forget to exercise on it in the right posture!

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