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May 19, 2022 4 min read

Nowadays, as people get busier and busier at work, many people hardly have time to go to commercial gyms for exercise after work. But in order to be able to exercise properly during the rest time to keep a healthy body and a perfect figure, I believe many people including you will choose to create a home gym. Having a small gym or exercise place at home has many benefits, for example, it is more convenient and private for you. But whether you're in a commercial gym or a home gym, having good fitness equipment is critical to achieving your ultimate fitness goals. Among much excellent fitness equipment, the running machine stands out with its unique advantages and gradually becomes a popular choice in many people's home gyms.

Running Machine is a Popular Choice for Home Gyms

As we all know, running is an incredible cardiovascular exercise, which is very beneficial to your overall health. But when adverse weather or safety problems prevent you from running outdoors, using a running exercise machine at home is an excellent choice for you. The treadmill can work many of your muscles, and it can also bring you many of the same benefits as outdoor running. But after you exercise on your running exercise machine for a while, you may find that you still don't get the best results from it. So do you want to optimize your running exercise machine workout for the best results? In the following article, I will tell you four ways to optimize your running exercise machine workout, hoping to make your exercise more effective.

1. Invest in a good pair of running shoes
If you are not wearing a good pair of running shoes, you will feel uncomfortable while running or walking on a running exercise machine, thus not maximizing the results of your workout. Because everyone has their own unique stride pattern, buying a pair of running shoes that fit your feet can keep you injury-free and exercise every time with the most comfortable feeling. Therefore, it is very important for you to invest in a good pair of running shoes in order to optimize your electric treadmill workout for the best results. But please don't forget to change your running shoes every 3-6 months, depending on the frequency and distance of your running or walking on the running exercise machine. Just like changing the tires on a car, changing your running shoes regularly will help you make every exercise comfortable and effective.

2. Make a reasonable workout plan
Before any of your exercises begin, making a reasonable exercise plan for yourself is an excellent way to stay motivated, and exercising on the treadmill is no exception. Making a reasonable exercise plan can let you know exactly what and when your exercise is. Especially if you are new to exercise on a running exercise machine but want to optimize your running exercise machine workout for the best results, it is particularly important to make a reasonable exercise plan. For example, you can make a workout plan that involves running or walking on a running exercise machine for 3-4 days a week, completing a short exercise (20-30 minutes) on weekdays and a longer or endurance-based exercise (more than 40 minutes) on weekends. Please stick to your plan, and you will surely achieve the best results of your running exercise machine workout.

3. Maintain correct workout posture
If you want to optimize your running exercise machine workout for the best results, you must keep correct posture during the exercise. First of all, don't grab the handrail of the running exercise machine. The handrail of the running exercise machine is only for helping you get up and down safely, not for you to grab during exercise. If you grab the handrail of a running machine while running or walking, your exercise will become very inefficient. You should keep your posture straight. Your head should be up and your back should be straight. Secondly, don't lean forward. If you lean forward too much, it may cause your neck and back pain or lose your balance. You should keep your body upright and tighten your abdominal muscles. Finally, don't look down. During the exercise on the running exercise machine, you may often look down at the console to see how much time or distance you have left. But if you look down, your exercise posture will be affected because you are likely to hunch over, which may cause pain in your back and neck. Looking straight ahead is the safest way to run or walk, whether you are exercising on a running exercise machine or running outdoors.

Maintain Correct Workout Posture on Electric Treadmill

4. Mix different forms of workout
Adding different forms of exercise to your running exercise machine workout can optimize your running exercise machine workout for the best results. Generally speaking, it is a good way to add some interval training and incline training to running training. Interval training alternates high-intensity activities with low-intensity recovery time, so that you can better improve your heart rate and burn calories on a running exercise machine. Tilting training can activate your muscles, burn more calories and improve your endurance more than running on a flat surface.

As you can see, I introduced four ways to optimize your treadmill workout for the best results in this article, hoping to help you.

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