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May 06, 2022 3 min read

The pursuit of health and keeping a perfect figure is everyone's long-cherished wish, and I believe you are definitely no exception. But as we all know, regular exercise is one of the best secrets to keep healthy and in perfect shape. So as a result, now you will find that more and more people insist on going to the gym every day to exercise with various types of fitness equipment. But if you don't like going to the gym or have little time to go to the gym, I think it's also a good choice to exercise at home with a piece of good fitness equipment. Among lots of fitness equipment, the motorized treadmill stands out for its unique benefits, and gradually becomes a popular choice for many people when exercising at home.

If you are a person who likes running but doesn't want to be affected by the bad weather outdoors, then using a running exercise machine at home is your best choice. It allows you to run or walk anytime and anywhere without leaving home to improve your endurance, burn calories and strengthen your muscles. Although we all know the treadmill can bring good exercise results, if you do repetitive and monotonous exercises on it every day, you may feel more and more bored over time and can't keep exercising. So, are you looking for some ways to make the exercise on the running exercise machine more fun? In the following article, I will share with you three simple ways to make your exercise on the running exercise machine more fun, safer and more effective!

Walk or Run on the Motorized Treadmill

1. Make a good plan
If you want to get high-quality exercise on a running exercise machine and have more fun at the same time, you must first make a good plan for yourself. Never exercise on the running machine without some kind of plan, because if you don't have a clear goal, you will feel bored with exercise over time. If you don't know where to start, please don't panic. At first, your plan doesn't need to be complicated, just start with a small goal. For example, you can make a plan for yourself to do six rounds of 2-minute high-intensity running. After you stick to this plan on the running exercise machine for a period of time, you can make a plan to exercise your running form, which can help you position yourself correctly so as to prepare for better exercise in the future. Therefore, making a good plan at different stages can make your exercise on the running exercise machine more fun.

2. Listen to music or watch videos
Instead of thinking of running or walking on the treadmill as an exercise, think of it as an opportunity to listen to your favorite music. Take your attention away from your beating legs and heart, and pay close attention to the music that fills your ears. Studies show that music can make people feel more excited and happy. What's more, when people listen to music, they will unconsciously exercise harder. Therefore, whether you like classical music, country music, pop music or heavy metal music, it can make your exercise on the running exercise machine more effective and fun. Besides, watching videos is also a good way to increase your fun when you exercise on the running exercise machine. Generally speaking, action movies are the best because they are usually optimistic and fast-paced. Comedies are also good, because they are usually relaxed and popular. You can choose according to your preference.

Listening to Music While Exercising on the Running Machine

3. Mix different forms of exercise
If you keep doing repetitive and monotonous running exercises on the running exercise machine, you will only see limited progress and get bored quickly. On the contrary, if you can mix different forms of exercise, it will make your exercise on the motorized treadmill more fun and effective. Generally speaking, it is a good way to add some interval training and incline training to running training. Interval training alternates high-intensity activities with low-intensity recovery time, so that you can better improve your heart rate and burn calories on the running exercise machine. Tilting training can activate your muscles, burn more calories and improve your endurance more than running on a flat surface. Mix different forms of exercise on a running exercise machine to reduce boredom and increase fun.

As you can see, the above three simple ways can make your exercise on the treadmill more fun and effective. I hope you can keep them in mind, and you won't have to worry about your exercise becoming boring any more.

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