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November 25, 2021 3 min read

Facing all kinds of home fitness equipment on the market, people often buy blindly in order to follow the trend. When you buy it home, you are annoyed that it can't achieve your desired effect, and leave it idle in the corner of your home. So when adding new fitness equipment to your home gym, there are some problems we need to consider before buying.

As an excellent aerobic exercise machine, rowing machine has become the fitness equipment favored by many people. It allows us to easily exercise to enhance endurance and muscle strength in a comfortable living room, bedroom or family gym. If you have been attracted to it for a long time, you might as well consider the following questions first and make the most rational choice for you.

Rowing Sport Equipment

What are your fitness goals?
Before choosing a piece of suitable fitness equipment for your own, the first thing to determine is your fitness goal. For example, if you want to exercise your legs, a fitness bike is a good choice. If you want to exercise your chest muscles, then the weightlifting weight is your best choice. If you want to keep fit and strengthen your muscles, rowing workout machine is a wise choice for you.

In all types of fitness equipment, the rowing workout machine can effectively exercise most of our muscles. When rowing, our arms, back, abs and legs are all mobilized to fully burn calories in all parts of the body. It is not difficult to see that it can burn all the calories in our body, so the fitness goal of losing weight can also be easily achieved. But the best way is to keep exercising at a high intensity. It can help us lose weight in a short time. In addition, in the aspect of weight loss, if you want to achieve it quickly, diet and fitness must be combined in order to achieve the most effective results.

There is no doubt that the rowing sport equipment is a good choice if you want to exercise your muscles and lose weight in a short period of time. At the same time, you will reap the benefits of improving cardiovascular health.

How long will you keep it?
Another question to consider is how long you plan to use it. It is a common phenomenon that no matter how long I use it, I must buy the one with the most functions and the most expensive. But after using it for a few months, it will be stuffed in a corner and accumulate a lot of dust. Therefore, if you want to keep the rowing cycling machine for many years and use it several times a week, you can choose quality magnetic and air rowing machines. Their design makes the machine more durable and almost maintenance-free. But if you only use it for a short time, you can consider a machine of medium quality and a more affordable price. Even if it is no longer used in the future, it will not be too regrettable.

How much space do you have to spare?
Most home rowing machines are longer than other fitness equipment, so they cover a larger area. You need to consider in advance whether there is room in your home and measure the size of the available space in case there is no space to use after purchase. If you don't have a special home gym space, you can exercise in the living room with more space. So you need these function that can be foldable and store upright. After using it, you can fold it or store it vertically to save your space.

What type of rowing machine do you want?
Rowing workout machines are divided into four types through four resistance modes: air, magnetic, hydraulic, and water.

Air resistance rowersare usually equipped with fan blades. Air resistance is very suitable for novice and inexperienced users. But this type of machine will make more noise when it is running. Magnetic and hydraulic resistance rowers can provide training for us quietly. Hydraulic resistance rower is the cheapest of the four types, it is adjustable and very easy to store, but less durable. The durability of the magnetic resistance rower is relatively strong, the gliding fluency is very high when in use, and the price is also more affordable, which is often chosen by the public. The water resistance rower is operated by the blades suspended in the water tank, so the feeling of outdoor rowing will be more realistic.

What is your choice?
Knowing the above questions and having a clear answer in mind, I believe you have a clear choice as to whether or not to add rowing workout machines to your family gym. If you decide to buy your ideal fitness rowing machine and look forward to your magnificent transformation on this machine.

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