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June 06, 2022 4 min read

We all agree that regular aerobic exercise should be a part of our daily life. Aerobic exercise is not only a good way to lose excess fat so as to help us keep a perfect figure, but also has great benefits for keeping our heart and lungs healthy. Many experts say that 30-60 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise three days a week is enough to keep you healthy and in perfect figure. In today's market, a large number of different types of aerobic exercise equipment have emerged. Although they can provide you with excellent aerobic exercise, I think the fitness rowing machine is the best choice for you, which will definitely bring you unexpected exercise effects.

Fitness Rowing Machine is the Best Choice for Aerobic Exercise

Rowing workout machine is a piece of very popular and excellent aerobic exercise equipment. It has little impact on joints, and using a rowing machine will not only help you lose weight better, but also effectively exercise your muscles almost all over your body. But for most beginners, it may be a bit difficult to use the rowing workout machine well to exercise at the beginning. Because for beginners who have never used the rowing workout machine before, once they don't set up the rowing workout machine correctly or use the wrong rowing posture to row, it may cause some mistakes and increase the risk of injury. If you are one of the beginners, it is necessary for you to learn something when using the rowing workout machine in order to do rowing exercise better. I will explain them to you in detail in the following article.

1. Learn to set up the rower correctly
For all beginners including you, when you start using the rowing workout machine, you must set it correctly according to your own needs and comfort level, which can ensure that you are comfortable and not injured during the exercise on it. First of all, you should keep a correct body posture. Sit on the rowing exercise machine with your hips facing the back of the seat, and then put your feet on the pedals naturally while keeping your back straight. Secondly, you should set the strap and pedals of your rowing workout machine correctly. Tie the strap at the widest front of your shoes. Then adjust the height of the pedals until you feel comfortable. Thirdly, you should set the resistance of your rowing workout machine correctly. Generally speaking, a rowing workout machine has 16-level adjustment resistance. Beginners are advised to set the resistance range within 3-5. Finally, you should set the digital monitor of your rowing workout machine correctly so that it can provide important parameters (such as distance, calories, time and strokes per minute) for your rowing exercise.

Set up a Rowing Exercise Machine Correctly

2. Learn the correct rowing posture
If you row in the wrong posture, you will not only fail to achieve good exercise results, but also make your back ache. Therefore, learning the correct rowing posture is the most important thing for all beginners including you. The rowing motion has four stages from start to finish. The first stage is the catch. You need to sit on the rowing machine, keep your back straight, bend your knees and naturally put your feet on the pedals. Hold the handle of the rowing workout machine with your arms straight. The second stage is the drive. Push your legs back, and your arms should also be pulled back towards your chest. The third stage is the finish. At this stage, your legs should be completely straight, your shoulders should be back, your arms should be bent and the handle of the rowing workout machine should be pulled to your upper chest. The last stage is the recovery. Return to the posture similar to the first stage.

3. Learn the right way to breathe
When it comes to breathing, you must think it's a very simple thing. But in fact, it is essential for all beginners including you to learn the right way to breathe while rowing because the right way to breathe may be the key to improve your endurance and rowing performance. Pay attention to breathing coordination during rowing----exhale when leaning forward and inhale when leaning backward. If you feel difficulty breathing, please stop exercising immediately. Maybe it's because your exercise speed is too fast, which shortens the inhalation time.

4. Learn to use muscle power correctly to complete the rowing action
For many beginners, the most common misconception about rowing is that all rowing actions are related to arms. Therefore, when they use fitness rowing machine for the first time, they tend to let their arms do all the work. In fact, this practice is wrong! A complete rowing action requires 86% of the muscle power in the body. About 60% of the muscle power comes from the legs, because you have to push the pedals with your feet. About 20% of muscle power comes from the arms and 20% from the supporting core. It can be seen that when doing rowing actions, all beginners including you must learn to use muscle power correctly, so as to achieve effective exercise.

In this article, I introduced four things that beginners need to learn when using a rowing machine, hoping to help you do rowing exercise better and more effectively.

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