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December 09, 2021 4 min read

Having a home rowing machine can satisfy our desire to do aerobic exercise anytime and anywhere, but unfortunately, there is one thing we can't avoid. Using it for a long time may cause wear and tearor damage to some parts of the machine, and if the warranty period is out of date and you don't know how to repair it, it may add to your extra expenses. Learning to regularly clean and maintain your rowing workout machine will not only ensure that every exercise is safe and effective, but also reduce the possibility that you need to spend a lot of money on repairs. The following provides you with the details that you can independently complete the regular maintenance of the rowing workoutmachine at home. If you don't know much about it, you are welcome to read it.

1. Prevention
In the usual course of use, we can start with preventive measures. Prepare a fitness mat in advance to place under the rowing sport equipment, so that in the process of use not only to prevent it from moving around, but also to reduce the possibility of damage to the floor. The use of a fitness mat for the rowing workout machine itself plays a role in preventing excessive pressure on the side of the moving parts so as not to damage them. Let us also feel more comfortable in the exercise. In addition, a plastic shield can be prepared. The exterior of the machine is easy to clean, but the interior has debris inadvertently dropped into it, not only is it bad for the machine, it is also very troublesome to clean.

2. Inspection
Normally, we should maintain a monthly inspection frequency of the rowing exercise machine to determine if there is any damage or any errors in the machine. This allows us to know in advance which parts need to be replaced and prevent avoidable wear and tear on the parts. Regarding the inspection of the machine, you should focus on these four parts.
  • Slide rail: Slide rail is an important part to ensure that we can row smoothly. Before rowing, you should check the slide rail for any dirt, residue or damage. Whether it can move smoothly in the process of rowing, there is no stutter phenomenon. If there are no clicks, bumps and rougher parts in rowing, there is nothing wrong with the slide rail of the rowing machine.
  • Pedals and pedal straps: Inspecting Pedals and pedal straps is a very quick visual check. Checking for damage early will ensure you are able to order replacement pedals or straps in a timely manner. You need to check that the pedals are secure and that the pedal straps are securely strapped to the back of your foot. Getting to grips with small details like pedals and pedal straps will ensure that your subsequent movements are not hindered in any way.
  • Cable and handlebar: There is a cable between the handlebar of the fitness rowing machine and the flywheel, and some are a belt or rope. The chain type needs to be lubricated to maintain the best condition. You need to check that the handlebar is securely connected to the chain or shoulder strap and if there is any damage to the chain or belt. If you feel that the chain is stuck in the process of using the rowing workout machine, you can try to lubricate it with a lubricant. However, if it is still not relieved or has broken, then it is time to replace the parts.
  • Bolts: It is a very important step to check that all bolts have been completed and tightened. When we use the rowing machine workout will cause vibrate, and the longer it is used, the more likely it is that the parts will loosen. Therefore, the longer you use it, the more often you should inspect the bolts to keep the machine in the best condition.

Inspection Parts of the Rowing Machine

3. Cleaning
It is a good habit to keep wiping your home rowing machine UK after each use. When you go through strenuous exercises, you will produce a lot of sweat. Sweat not only makes your machine dirty, but also attracts dirt, dust and bacteria. You can simply use a damp cloth and some mild detergent or glass cleaner to wipe down all surfaces of your machine. Make sure not to use very aggressive chemical cleaners as this can damage the surface. Also remember to keep the digital monitor dry, too much moisture can be an electrical hazard that can cause the digital monitor display.

The maintenance of most rowing workout machines in accordance with the above steps can basically prolong its service life. However, the degree of maintenance of different types of rowing workout machines will also be different, such as air rower machines with blades, please remember to clean up the dust in the fan blades. In comparison, magnetic rowing machines are easier to clean. Of course, no matter what type of machine you have, please check and clean it regularly.

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